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Horrible day. Called HP to get printer fixed and they transferred me to what I thought was an outsourced tech support. Turned out to be a complete and total scam. They started off nice enough and immediately asked me to log into "logmein123.com" so they could access my computer. I should have known then that this was a scam. So like everyone else was saying the person on the phone told me that the problem wasn't my printer it was that I needed a "network security firewall" so hackers couldn't *** my computer. They tried charging me $400 and I said I didn't want to pay for the whole network just my computer so they charged me $199.99. When I said I started asking questions they started getting aggressive and said that it could destroy my whole computer.

I ended up foolishly agreeing and gave them my credit card information. Afterwards they went on my computer, showed me the trojans and then "installed firewall" and "cleaned up my computer." I tested out my printer and it worked. Then I went to a mac store for a cracked trackpad and told the guy about what happened and he said it was a complete scam...macs already have built in firewall and I also had Avast, an additional security protection.

After realizing that I got played, I called them asking for a refund and told them "I'm just trying to make sure I didn't get scammed." The guy started getting really mean and aggressive. I got to give them one thing, they sure are smart and convincing. So I went home and reported the fraud, cancelled my credit card and changed the password to my computer. Hopefully that does the trick. I might call them to give them a piece of my mind. I hope you all read this before it's too late. If only I was a little more skeptical! Best of luck!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Ditto on review # 470732-- Got scammed as well. Called and all they said they could refund was $ 50.00.


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